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Customized, Special fasteners

There are situations and places where only a special design or material is suitable for the best secured fastening. This is where we look for challenges, this is where general knowledge and experience are separated. This is the area where we can give the biggest help to our customers, because we provide unique solutions for individual requests. We study all individual needs and do our best to fulfill them. Thanks to our reliable suppliers and manufacturer base, we can continuously ensure the procurement and delivery of the special fasteners highlighted below.

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1. DUPLEX, SUPERDUPLEX fasteners: (1.4462, 1.4501)!

The meaning of the word “Duplex” is double, because it contains the structural material characteristics of both steels, ferritic and austenitic. The combination of the two materials provides excellent corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, and toughness to the finished product! This material is almost unknown in Hungary, but it has been proven many times in many places, so we gladly recommend it for special use!

Field of application: Marine environment, deep sea pipelines, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, oil industry.

2. Red copper and other specially coated screws and fasteners!

Carbonsteel bolts with a special red copper coating, made for one of our partners, where, in addition to very good electrical and thermal conductivity, tensile strength was also an important factor to make the fasteners’ connection safe. We combined these properties in ONE bolt and the connection has been secured ever since.

Field of application: High voltage electrical industry

3. Production of unique, extra-large flanges from stainless steel!

This manufactured flange shown in the picture is DN600, 600mm in diameter and made of stainless steel, based on a custom designed request. To make the size comparable, we have added a DN200 diameter flange next to the picture. The difference is clearly visible.

Field of application: Manhole of tanks, oil industry, chemical industry

4. Production and supply of various types of studs bolts and nuts

Stud bolts and their unique nuts form a separate world among fasteners. They are mainly used in petrochemical, energy and heavy industry fields. We can even deliver them from stainless steel grades or steel alloys (e.g. 25CrMo4, 42CrMo4).

Field of application: Petrochemistry, energy and heavy industry

5. UNC/ UNF and Withworth standard fasteners

These US standards are rarely used here in Europe. Usually, at multi-companies, it is the American name that comes from “far away” during the installation and maintenance of machines. purchase of American standard UNC / UNF or English Withworth BSW / BWF standard fasteners. We know these standards through our industrial relationship, therefore we are experts in purchasing them.

We can provide all of this in normal galvanized or stainless-steel quality.

6. Fasteners made of heat-resistant material (1.4841,1.4980)

Special material quality, 1.4841 H-10 AISI SS310, is a highly heat-resistant stainless steel alloy. Fasteners and fittings made of this material can withstand temperatures of up to 1150 °C

Field of application: furnaces, burners, oil industry, heat exchangers.

7. Hastelloy C276 and other Hastelloy alloy fasteners

Fasteners made of C276 Hastelloy or other high corrosion-resistant alloys are considered special in the fastener market, but fortunately we have the resources and experience to supply them.

Field of application: pharmaceutical and chemical industries

8. Bolts, fasteners made of titanium alloy (e.g.: Ti Gr2, 3.7035)

The production and procurement of fasteners made of titanium can be challenging in the industry, but we try to be at the forefront of this as well. Titanium is one of the best and most versatile material on Earth. (light, fabricable, solid, corrosion resistant), thanks to this, it is used in many special industrial sectors.

Field of application: military industry, space industry, aircraft industry, medical devices, implants, racing cars

9. Purchase of extra large fasteners, diameter M42-M100!

For the installation of industrial and large products and equipment, bolts and fasteners with a larger than average diameter may also be necessary! Contact us because we can solve these purchasing problems too!

10. Supplying of "TÜV"-certificated bolts, and fasteners for PED pressure tanks and equipment.

The requirement for pressure equipment are “PED” bolts and fasteners with the appropriate TÜV certificate. It is also possible to purchase them, but we must discuss the parameters first!

11. Safety screws, (special key slot, head design)

For security reasons or against theft, it is always necessary to protect yourself. One of the basic elements of the security system can be a screw that can only be loosened with a special tool. This way, we can achieve at the beginning of the process that they do not even try to break in. In addition to these, we also sell fastening tools to openings, which can also help in maintaining security.

12. High-strength structural, hot-dip galvanized (HV) bolts and fasteners for the production and assembly of steel structures, halls, bridges

Hot-dip galvanized bolts with adequate strength are essential for assembled steel structures. Our company can also provide these items with short delivery term.

13. Solar fastener systems (for solar panel installation)

In the green energy industrial, the solar technologies grow and expand too, as we also believe that we can support it with supplying all necessary fasteners for installation of the solar panel farms.

14. Custom production of fasteners according to custom made drawings

One of the biggest challenges in the special equipment production area is that the special fasteners can not be found in the fastener commercial market. These are customed and very special designed for one purpose. Based on a technical drawing, practically anything can be manufactured within certain limits, but here experience and consultation are essential, because accuracy and quality must be the first.

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