KOR 3000 - Rozsdamentes és speciális Kötőelemek
Assured fastening everywhere and at all times.
Special fasteners with expert support
Stainless steel and special fasteners

Who we are?

Our company belongs to such a few sales fasteners company, which supply custom designed and special materials of the fasteners beside the standard bolts and nuts. With this sales service we can cover a special industrial market where this kind of unique materials and bolts are very important!

With collecting a lot of experience over the years, we have managed to create a reliable source of manufacturers and suppliers base, with which we can fulfill the needs of our customers’ unique and special production or material quality fasteners, and in addition, we can provide adequate technical and customer background support.

Products and services

If you also have unsolved special fastener needs, you are in the right place!

General information & inquiry: +36 30/557-8838; Special fasteners: +36 70/673-1343

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We are facing a lot of challenges every day, but we try to constantly improve our profession, service, and quality, because we believe that this is the only way to help our customers and companies in going forward. If we can fulfill our partners needs to work better thanks to us, then we have already done something to reach their aims. Because our goal is to develop and grow in cooperation with our partners long-term.

If you have special fastener request, write to us, or call us!

General info and inquiry: +36 30 / 557-8838
Special fastener inquiry: +36 70 / 673-1343
E-mail: info”@”kor3000.com

Assured fastening everywhere and at all times. Stainless steel and special fasteners from KOR3000.